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Septic System Inspection

In Massachusetts, A title 5 inspection is a requirement when you selling your house or refinancing.  A system inspection can be done any time on your system to evaluate it and see the current condition.

When you pass a title 5 inspection it is good for 2 years to date or 3 years to date  if you pump it out each year.

If you have a conditonal pass then you need to hire a licensed septic system installer to repair the broken component. Once repaired and inspected the conditional repair turns into a passed title 5..

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Inspection procedure

Digging a Hole

#1 The inspector will have to go to the town hall where the property is located and check for septic information needed for the inspection, as-built plans, system design, water table results and water usage report is required to help with the report.

#2 The title 5 inspection consists of a quick interior inspection to make sure the pipes are not leaking and check for backups into the basement. the house inspection also consists of identifying how many bedrooms there is and if there is a garbage disposal and a sump pump.

#3 The outside of the inspection consists of the tank and or cesspool inspected. If it is a septic system then the d-box and leaching field nees to be dug up and it is also inspected. 

Cesspools do pass in Mass if the town you're in permits!!

Septic system Installation's

If your house has a failed system we provide repair and installation services. Whether you need a minimal repair or a completely new septic system for any house or buisness, count on us to get the job done. Contact us to learn more.


There is no job to small or to big . Conditional pass or need a small component repaired, tank cover, tank riser, and cover, vent repair no problem we do it all.

Need an engineer to help with design plans and help with the legal part of a system upgrade. We have professional engineering companies that we work for hand and hand with to help you get through the process.

There is public sewer in the area and you would like to connect to that and eliminate the septic we can help. Also dont forget to ask us to help you with your financial needs. We can point you in the right direction on help.

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Hart excavation service is fully equipped to do all your utility and earthwork needs. We have experience in water, sewer, drain, demolition and site work for new and rehab projects.

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